DA FORM 7278 – Risk Level Worksheet

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 7278 – Risk Level Worksheet – DA FORM 7278 is an asset inventory form. It is used to record the type, category, and description of your assets. It is available at the back of this handbook. You can download it or reproduce it if needed. Using it properly can help you avoid future problems with your insurance.

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Form Number DA FORM 7278
Form Title Risk Level Worksheet
Published 07/01/2019
Prescribing Pub PAM 190-51
File Size 46 KB

What is a DA FORM 7278?

DA Form 7278 is a document used by law enforcement to document an individual’s assets and potential threats. It is required to be filled out for each asset and unit and every area that can be inspected. It contains information about the asset type and value, and the likelihood of aggression. Moreover, the form must also specify the protective measures to be taken if the asset is at risk.

In addition, DA Form 7278-R automatically generates risk-level worksheets for the assets and resources that are being inspected. The risk analysis is based on the information provided by the security personnel. DA FORM 7278-R is approved for EG. It can replace the printed version.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 7278?

When selecting an asset, the law enforcement agent should consider several factors to determine its utility. For instance, the asset’s cash value, direct applicability to the aggressor’s goal, and publicity value should be evaluated. In order to minimize the risk level, law enforcement officials must consider the likelihood of the aggressor obtaining the asset.

DA FORM 7278 – Risk Level Worksheet

The DA FORM 7278-R Risk Level Worksheet is used to assess risk levels associated with various assets and events. It is a multi-layered document, containing spaces for likelihood ratings and sums. The highest risk rating corresponds to the highest probability of loss. The form also includes sections to select the potential aggressors.

The DA Form 7278-R Risk Level Worksheet has six steps, each involving a risk assessment. First, identify the asset or unit you are reviewing. Next, determine the value of the asset. After that, determine the likelihood of attack and determine protective measures. The DA Form 7278-R also contains references to AR 190-11 and AR 190-5, two guidelines for risk assessment.

The risk analysis is designed to inform facilities engineering organizations about the threats to their assets. It is useful for designing security measures for new or renovated facilities. Once the analysis is complete, the engineering organization should focus on providing comprehensive security to protect the assets.

DA FORM 7278 – Example

DA FORM 7278 - Risk Level Worksheet