DA FORM 4980-16 – Valorous Unit Award Certificate

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 4980-16 – Valorous Unit Award Certificate – The Department of the Army (DA) Form 4980-16, Valorous Unit Award Certificate, is an official document that is issued to denote a unit’s receipt of the Valorous Unit Award. The certificate is signed by the commander of the unit and is mailed to the unit’s headquarters. The certificate is authorized to be awarded to non-Army organizations, such as the Army Reserve or a state’s National Guard, for service in combat operations. The medal is authorized for wear by recipients only.

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Form Number DA FORM 4980-16
Form Title Valorous Unit Award Certificate
Published 10/01/2011
Prescribing Pub
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What is a DA FORM 4980-16?

The Valorous Unit Award is a military decoration awarded to units of the United States Armed Forces for extraordinary heroism in combat against an armed enemy. The award was established on July 3, 1963, and may be conferred upon units of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. The Valorous Unit Award is the second highest unit decoration that can be awarded in certain branches of the U.S. military.

The DA FORM 4980-16 is the certificate used to formally recognize a unit’s receipt of the Valorous Unit Award. It includes information such as the name of the unit receiving the award and a brief description of the heroic actions that led to their awarding of this honor. This form serves as both proof and acknowledgment of a unit’s exceptional bravery and valor during times of conflict or war.

In conclusion, being awarded a Valorous Unit Award Certificate signifies an exceptional level of courage and service displayed by a military unit during combat situations. The DA FORM 4980-16 acts as official documentation certifying that recognition has been given to these brave men and women who have put their lives at risk for their country’s safety and security.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 4980-16?

If you are looking to find a DA FORM 4980-16, the best place to start is by visiting the official website of the United States Army. The form can be downloaded from there or accessed through their online database. Additionally, you can also visit your nearest military installation’s administrative office and request a copy of the form.

Another option is to consult with an experienced military personnel or veteran who has previously dealt with this specific form. They may be able to provide valuable insights on how and where to obtain it. It’s important to note that certain eligibility requirements need to be met before submitting a request for a Valorous Unit Award Certificate using DA FORM 4980-16. Therefore, you must read through all instructions carefully before proceeding with the application process.

DA FORM 4980-16 – Valorous Unit Award Certificate

The Department of the Army (DA) Form 4980-16 is a certificate issued to recognize military units that have demonstrated exceptional gallantry in combat. This prestigious award, known as the Valorous Unit Award, is presented to units that have shown extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy of the United States.

To be eligible for this award, a unit must have distinguished itself by displaying exceptional courage and bravery under fire. The unit must have demonstrated its ability to overcome overwhelming odds and complete its mission despite being outnumbered or outgunned. The Valorous Unit Award is considered one of the most significant distinctions that can be bestowed upon a military unit.

The DA Form 4980-16 serves as a tangible symbol of recognition for those who have risked their lives in defense of our country. It represents not only the valor and bravery displayed on the battlefield but also the sacrifice and dedication required to achieve such an accomplishment. As such, it serves as both an inspiration and reminder of what can be achieved when individuals work together towards a common cause.