DA FORM 348-1 – Equipment Operator`s Qualification Record (Except Aircraft)

DAFORMS.NET DA FORM 348-1 – Equipment Operator`s Qualification Record (Except Aircraft) – This DA form is used to certify that an individual is qualified to operate equipment. The individual must complete the form and present it to their employer or training institution. The certification will show that the individual has been trained and is competent in operating the equipment.

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Form Number DA FORM 348-1
Form Title Equipment Operator`s Qualification Record (Except Aircraft)
Published 08/01/2011
Prescribing Pub AR 600-55
File Size 34 KB

What is a DA FORM 348-1?

The DA Form 348-1 is a document that serves as an equipment operator’s qualification record, which covers all types of equipment except aircraft. The form is used by the US Army to monitor and evaluate each operator’s skills and qualifications for the machinery they operate. It includes details about the type of equipment, the level of proficiency, training received, and experience gained.

The purpose of this form is to ensure that operators are qualified to operate specific pieces of machinery safely and efficiently. It helps commanders in identifying deficiencies in the qualification process, thereby improving training programs for equipment operators. Additionally, it ensures that only qualified personnel operate critical machines.

In conclusion, DA Form 348-1 plays a significant role in ensuring military readiness by maintaining accurate records on every equipment operator’s skills and qualifications. This way, it ensures that only competent personnel handle sophisticated machinery while minimizing risks associated with accidents resulting from poor operation practices or lack of proper training.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 348-1?

If you are looking for a DA FORM 348-1, then there are several options available to you. First and foremost, you can find it on the official website of the United States Army. The website allows users to download various forms including DA FORM 348-1, which is an equipment operator’s qualification record.

Another option is to visit your local Army base or installation where they usually have copies of all the necessary forms available. Additionally, many online document repositories also offer free downloads of this form in editable PDF format.

It’s important to note that DA FORM 348-1 is not just any other form – it serves as a critical documentation tool for equipment operators in keeping track of their training and qualifications. As such, it is essential that this form be accurately completed and updated regularly by all operators so that they can ensure their ability to safely operate military equipment during deployments or training exercises.

DA FORM 348-1 – Equipment Operator`s Qualification Record (Except Aircraft)

DA Form 348-1 is a crucial document for equipment operators in the military. It serves as an official record of their qualifications and experience, providing a detailed summary of their skills and training. This form is used to track an operator’s progress throughout their career, ensuring that they meet the necessary requirements to operate specific types of equipment.

The Equipment Operator’s Qualification Record includes several sections, such as personal data, job-related skills, and training history. Operators must fill out this form accurately and update it regularly to ensure that it reflects their current abilities. Supervisors also use this record to evaluate an operator’s performance and identify areas where additional training may be needed.

Overall, DA Form 348-1 plays a critical role in maintaining safety standards within the military by ensuring that only qualified individuals are operating heavy machinery or other specialized equipment. By keeping accurate records of each operator’s qualifications, the military can minimize accidents and promote efficiency on work sites.

DA FORM 348-1 – Example

DA FORM 348-1 - Equipment Operator`S Qualification Record (Except Aircraft)