DA FORM 4980-3 – Distinguished Service Medal Certificate

DAFORMS.NET DA FORM 4980-3 – Distinguished Service Medal Certificate – This document is a certificate of award that is given to military personnel or civilians who have distinguished themselves by outstanding service to their country. The certificate is signed by the president or other highest ranking officer of the United States government.

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Form Number DA FORM 4980-3
Form Title Distinguished Service Medal Certificate
Published 09/01/2011
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What is a DA FORM 4980-3?

The Distinguished Service Medal Certificate, also known as DA Form 4980-3, is a document that recognizes the exceptional service and accomplishments of military personnel. This form is typically awarded to officers who have made significant contributions to their branch of service or the United States military as a whole. The certificate itself includes the individual’s name, rank, and unit information along with a description of their achievements.

The Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Awarded for exceptional performance during combat or peacetime service, it recognizes those who have gone above and beyond their duty to serve their country with distinction. It often requires approval from high-ranking officials in order to be awarded and presented by senior leaders within the recipient’s chain of command.

While not every member of the military will receive this prestigious award, those who do are recognized for their selflessness, dedication, and unwavering commitment to serving our nation. For many recipients of DA Form 4980-3, it represents a lifelong achievement that they can be proud to display in recognition of their exceptional service record.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 4980-3?

The DA FORM 4980-3 is a certificate granted to military personnel who have been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM). This award recognizes individuals for their extraordinary performance in duty, leadership, and service. The DSM is one of the highest honors given to military personnel, and the certificate serves as proof of its receipt.

If you are a military member or a family member looking for a copy of the DA FORM 4980-3, there are several ways to obtain it. The first place to check is with your unit’s awards coordinator or orderly room. They should have access to copies of all certificates and can assist you in obtaining one.

Another option is to contact the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, MO. They maintain all records related to military service and can provide copies of certificates upon request. Be sure to have your service number or social security number handy when contacting them.

Overall, obtaining a copy of the DA FORM 4980-3 is relatively easy if you know where to look. Whether through your unit’s coordinator or NPRC, having this certificate can serve as a reminder of your hard work and dedication to serving our country.

DA FORM 4980-3 – Distinguished Service Medal Certificate

The DA Form 4980-3 is an official document that serves as a certificate for the Distinguished Service Medal, which is awarded to members of the United States Army who have demonstrated exceptional meritorious service in their duties. The medal is considered one of the highest military honors in the country and is often awarded to recognize acts of heroism, leadership, and outstanding performance.

The form includes fields for personal information such as name, rank, and service number, as well as details about the individual’s achievements that led to receiving the medal. It also features a section for signatures from higher-ranking officials who approve and authorize the award. The Distinguished Service Medal Certificate serves not only as recognition for an individual’s accomplishments but also as a historical record of their service. It can be displayed proudly by recipients or kept among their personal records as a testament to their dedication and contributions to our nation’s defense.