DA FORM 5672 – Meal Card Control Book Log

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 5672 – Meal Card Control Book Log – When it comes to organizing and tracking meals for your military organization, the DA FORM 5672 Meal Card Control Book Log is an essential tool. This form helps you keep track of all cards issued, meal allowances, and any cancellations or replacements that need to be made. It provides a comprehensive overview of who has cards and what they are being used for. The form also allows you to easily identify any discrepancies in the system so they can be quickly addressed.

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Form Number DA FORM 5672
Form Title Meal Card Control Book Log
Published 06/01/2016
Prescribing Pub
File Size 27 KB

What is a DA FORM 5672?

Having a meal card control book log is an important part of keeping your dining facility organized. DA Form 5672 is used to accurately document and track all meals served by the dining facility. This form is essential for maintaining accurate records, ensuring that all meals are properly accounted for and tracked. By utilizing the DA Form 5672, you can quickly and easily manage any discrepancies or issues within your facility. It also helps to streamline processes and save time when it comes to meal tracking.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 5672?

Meal card control book logs are an important tool for keeping track of food purchases and controlling costs. DA Form 5672 is a form used by the Department of Defense to document meals purchased and served with meal cards. It consists of two pages, one for recording meal transactions and another for tracking charges by cardholder. This article will provide a comprehensive look at how to use this form and explain its primary uses in the military food service system.

DA FORM 5672 – Meal Card Control Book Log

For any organization with a food service system, the DA Form 5672 – Meal Card Control Book Log is an important tool to monitor and track meal cards. It is an efficient way to keep records of employees’ meals and track any changes in the number of meals served. This form also allows for periodic audits of the food service system that can help ensure that it is operating smoothly and efficiently.

DA FORM 5672 – Example

DA FORM 5672 - Meal Card Control Book Log