DA FORM 8005 – Outpatient Medical Record (OMR)

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 8005 – Outpatient Medical Record (OMR) – The DA Form 8005 – Outpatient Medical Record is a document that is used to track the progress of a patient’s outpatient care. This form is necessary for providers to keep track of the patient’s history, diagnosis, treatment, and results. The form can also be used to compile information about the patient’s comorbidities.

Download DA FORM 8005 – Outpatient Medical Record (OMR)

Form Number DA FORM 8005
Form Title Outpatient Medical Record (OMR)
Published 02/01/2012
Prescribing Pub AR 40-66
File Size  – KB

What is a DA FORM 8005?

The DA FORM 8005 is a standard medical form used by the US Army to document an outpatient’s medical care. It is also known as the Outpatient Medical Record (OMR). The form includes information about the patient’s medical history, diagnosis, treatment plan, and progress notes.

The DA FORM 8005 contains several sections that are completed by healthcare providers including vital signs, allergies, medications prescribed or dispensed, laboratory and imaging test results. It also records procedures performed with their respective dates and provider names.

Medical professionals use this record to track patients’ health status over time and ensure effective follow-up care. DA FORM 8005 must be completed accurately for each outpatient visit to ensure continuity of care across different healthcare providers. In addition, it can be used as a legal document in case of litigation related to medical malpractice or negligence allegations.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 8005?

DA FORM 8005 is an essential document that serves as a patient’s outpatient medical record. Every time a patient visits the hospital or clinic, their physician or healthcare provider updates their medical history on this form. This document contains vital information about the patient’s health status, including their allergies, medications, and previous illnesses.

To obtain a copy of DA FORM 8005, you can visit your local military treatment facility (MTF) where you received your outpatient care. The hospital staff will provide you with the form upon request. Alternatively, you can also download this form online from various authorized websites such as the United States Army Publishing Directorate website.

It is important to note that DA FORM 8005 is only accessible to authorized personnel who require access for official purposes related to medical treatment or records administration. Therefore it is strictly prohibited to share this information with unauthorized individuals or organizations without proper authorization from the Department of Defense (DoD).

DA FORM 8005 – Outpatient Medical Record (OMR)

DA FORM 8005, also known as the Outpatient Medical Record (OMR), is a key document used by medical professionals to track and maintain the health records of military personnel. The form contains a variety of information about each individual patient, including their name, rank, date of birth, and unit information. It also includes a detailed record of all medical treatments received by the patient during their time in service.

The OMR is an essential tool for healthcare providers in the military because it allows for seamless coordination between different medical facilities and providers. By maintaining a comprehensive record of each patient’s health history and treatment plans, doctors can provide more effective care and avoid potential conflicts or duplications in medication or treatment. In addition to its primary use for tracking individual patients’ health records, DA FORM 8005 also serves as an important administrative tool for military healthcare organizations at large.