DA FORM 8005-8 – Outpatient Medical Record (OMR)

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 8005-8 – Outpatient Medical Record (OMR) – The DA Form 8005-8 is an outpatient medical record form used by healthcare providers to document the care and treatment of patients. It is typically completed during the initial encounter with a patient and can include information on the patient’s symptoms, medical history, examination findings, and medication history. The OMR can be used to track a patient’s progress over time and to provide documentation of care provided.

Download DA FORM 8005-8 – Outpatient Medical Record (OMR)

Form Number DA FORM 8005-8
Form Title Outpatient Medical Records (OMR)
Published 02/01/2012
Prescribing Pub AR 40-66
File Size  – KB

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What is a DA FORM 8005-8?

The DA Form 8005-8 is an important document used to record medical treatment provided to military personnel who receive outpatient care. The form is part of the patient’s Outpatient Medical Record (OMR), which contains details of all medical appointments, diagnoses, treatments, and other relevant information. The OMR is a vital tool for healthcare providers as it provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s health history.

The DA Form 8005-8 captures essential information such as the date of service, type of visit (urgent or routine), diagnosis code, prescribed medication, and any follow-up appointments recommended by the healthcare provider. The form also includes sections for documenting physical examinations, lab test results, and radiology reports. This information helps healthcare providers create a complete picture of their patient’s health status and make informed decisions about their care.

Patients must notify their healthcare providers if there are any changes in their contact information or medical history to ensure that the OMR remains up-to-date. Keeping accurate records in the DA Form 8005-8 helps ensure continuity of care and promotes better health outcomes for military personnel receiving outpatient care.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 8005-8?

The DA FORM 8005-8 is an essential document for all military personnel who receive medical treatment as outpatients. The form contains vital information about the patient’s medical history, including previous illnesses, medications taken, and allergies. This record is kept by the healthcare provider and used to track a patient’s medical progress over time.

To obtain a DA FORM 8005-8, military personnel can visit their local Military Treatment Facility (MTF) or clinic. They can also request the form electronically through the TRICARE Online Patient Portal (TOL). It is important to note that only authorized personnel are allowed to access a patient’s OMR.

Patients must keep their OMR up-to-date and accurate by reporting any changes in their medical status or medication use. This ensures that healthcare providers have access to complete and accurate information when treating patients. Overall, obtaining and maintaining a DA FORM 8005-8 is an essential part of receiving quality healthcare as a member of the military community.

DA FORM 8005-8 – Outpatient Medical Record (OMR)

The DA FORM 8005-8 is a critical document for managing outpatient medical records (OMR) in the military. This form contains essential information about an individual’s health history, including any past medical procedures, diagnoses, and medications prescribed. The OMR helps medical professionals to provide patients with high-quality care by giving them access to detailed information about their health status and treatment plan.

The form is used by healthcare providers at different levels of the healthcare system, from military hospitals to clinics serving active duty service members and their dependents. It plays an important role in ensuring that patients’ records are complete, accurate, and up-to-date. Access to this information can make a significant difference in how effective treatments for illnesses or injuries are.

Overall, the DA FORM 8005-8 is a fundamental tool that supports the delivery of quality healthcare services within the military community. Providing a comprehensive record of patient history and treatment plans over time, helps doctors make informed decisions about care management while also supporting research into new treatments or therapies that may benefit all patients served by military healthcare facilities.