DA Form 759-3 – Individual Flight Records And Flight Certificate-Army

DAFORMS.NET – DA Form 759-3 – Individual Flight Records And Flight Certificate-Army – DA Form 759-3 is the Individual Flight Records and Fligs (IFRC) form used by the Department of Defense to record individual military personnel’s travel records. It has 12 boxes total, and the first five boxes require personal identifying information. The next two boxes require MOS and assigned duty position information. Besides these, the remaining boxes also need to be filled out. After filling out these boxes, you will be able to download your DA Form 759-3 and submit it.

Download DA Form 759-3 – Individual Flight Records And Flight Certificate-Army

Form Number DA Form 759-3
Form Title Individual Flight Records And Flight Certificate-Army
Published 04/01/2022
Prescribing Pub TC 3-04.11
File Size 80 KB

What Is a DA Form 759-3

DA Form 759 is a detailed military record that is required of all flight crew members. It has 12 boxes and asks for various information from the crewmember, including personally identifying information. Some of the information required on the form includes the service branch, unit, component, MOS and assigned duty position. Blocks 5 through 12 are used to list the crewmember’s personal information. The remaining blocks list information about the flight crewmember’s qualifications for flying duty.

A DA Form 759-3 contains the information necessary for the flight crew. The format is organized with the most recent close-out on top. Some examples of information included in this record include: 120-day notices, ATP extensions, instructions for U.S. Army Reserve assignments, and copies of aeronautical certifications and course completion certificates. The information on this form must be accurate, and the individual must have the proper training, knowledge, and experience to fly.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 759-3

The DA Form 759 contains twelve boxes. Blocks five and six contain personal identifying information. Blocks seven and eight contain the service branch, unit, or component you’re assigned to, and block twelve is for the assigned duty position. The DA Form 759 is a government-issued document that must be filled out by a service member. The Army uses this document to document military training.

The individual flight record folder is permanent and kept in the records holding area. It contains copies of all aviation service orders and aeronautical certifications. The flight surgeon or nonrated standardization instructor must complete this form. Other records that must be completed on this form include flight certificates and medical suspensions. You can also download these records and receive them by email. If you are unsure where to find a DA Form 759-3, the Army Publishing Directorate can help.

DA Form 759-3 – Individual Flight Records And Flig

DA Form 759-3 – Individual flight records and flying logbooks are used to record every flight performed by Army aviators. These forms can be found in logbooks for aircraft and must be completed at the end of every flight. Blocks 5-12 are used for personal identifying information such as name, home address, date of birth, and medical, training, and physiological data. The information you provide in these forms will be used to determine your eligibility to operate a Government aircraft.

When completing the form, make sure you have a copy of all your flight certificates. The flight records can be printed out or downloaded to an email account. For easier signing, you can use signNow, an application available for all operating systems and gadgets. It makes signing easier and offers numerous additional features. The app is available for both Windows and MacOS, making it a convenient solution for your needs.

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