DA Form 5574 – Assurance Of Compliance

DAFORMS.NET – DA Form 5574 – Assurance Of Compliance – Are you looking for information about DA Form 5574? Are you wondering where to find one? If so, read this article to learn more about the document. DA Form 5574 is a legal document that proves your compliance with the provisions of the Defense Acquisition Regulation. You should also know that this form is available for public inspection. However, this does not mean that you are allowed to inspect it. In order to obtain this form, you must fill out an online application, which you can do from your computer.

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Form Number DA FORM 5574
Form Title Assurance Of Compliance
Published 06/01/2022
Prescribing Pub AR 870-20
File Size 34 KB

What is a DA Form 5574?

A DA Form is a document that is used by the U.S. Army to record the details of each soldier’s job and educational background. As a result, the form needs to be updated often, depending on the changes in the member’s education, training, or assignments. It may also contain information on personal family members. To create a DA Form, you can use an online document builder to create one that fits your specific needs.

DA Form 5574 – Assurance Of Compliance

This DA Form 5574 – Assurance of Compliance must be submitted to the Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the purpose of demonstrating that a construction project meets the standards set forth by the Civil Rights Act of 2001. As a result, the Department requires applicants to submit an Assurance of Compliance for projects that involve overhead energized powerlines. This form must be completed and submitted to the USDA after the completion of a construction project but before the occupancy permit is issued.

DA Form 5574 Example

DA Form 5574 – Assurance Of Compliance
DA Form 5574 – Assurance Of Compliance