DA Form 5692 – Ammunition Consumption Certificate

DAFORMS.NETDA Form 5692 – Ammunition Consumption Certificate – What is a DA Form 5692? Where can I find one? We will answer these questions and more in this article. You can also use the DA Form 5692 – Ammunition Consumption Certificate – to make sure you get the right paperwork for your job. In this article, we’ll explain how this document works and where to find one. We’ll also show you where to find a sample eSignature.

Download DA Form 5692 – Ammunition Consumption Certificate

Form Number DA Form 5692
Form Title Ammunition Consumption Certificate
Published 06/01/2021
Prescribing Pub PAM 700-16, PAM 710-2-1
File Size 46 KB

What is a DA Form 5692

DA Form 5692 is a necessary document to obtain permission to purchase specially controlled training ammunition. It must be signed by a person with proper knowledge of the form. The DA Form is also required by DPAS. Soldiers may need to complete this document to receive training, reassignment, extra rations, or name changes. Filling out the form with as much information as possible can speed up the process and increase the approval rate. The form should include the name and grade of the person, social security number, and the type of action they are seeking. Our professional document builder will get the job done for you in no time.

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Where Can I Find a DA Form 5692

If you are planning to buy or transfer a military vehicle, you will need a DA Form 5692. These forms are used to report deficiencies and damage to military vehicles. They must be filled out correctly to ensure that the vehicle will be ready for its next inspection at the ASP. A mistake on this form can cause the repair process to be delayed. You should make sure that you read the instructions carefully to avoid making a mistake.

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DA Form 5692 – Ammunition Consumption Certificate

A DA Form 5692 – Certificate of Ammunition Consumption is required when training personnel purchase or use specially controlled training ammo. It must be completed by the person consuming the ammo and must be signed by the person who has knowledge of its contents. A person signing the form must also be trained in the use of the DA Form 5692. This form is a legal requirement and is important for training ammunition accounts.

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DA Form 5692 Example

DA Form 5692 - Ammunition Consumption Certificate