DA Form 5515-1 – Training Ammunition Control Document

DAFORMS.NETDA Form 5515-1 – Training Ammunition Control Document – The DA Form 5515-1 is a legal document that must be completed by a DA officer when training a gunsmith or any other firearms enthusiast. The form is also used to track ammunition and training equipment. The proponent agency is the DCS, G-4. When filling out the form, you must include a description of the item and the circumstances that caused the loss or damage. It should also specify what type of ammunition or training equipment was used.

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Form Number DA Form 5515-1
Form Title Training Ammunition Control Document
Published 06/01/2021
Prescribing Pub AR 710-2, PAM 700-16
File Size 33 KB

What is a DA Form 5515-1

A DA Form 5515-1 is a document that is required for ammunition control. It is used when you need to turn in ammunition or residue. The form includes your payroll signature and calendar date. It is also used when you are storing explosive materials. This form is an important tool to keep track of all ammunition you own. You should also take note of all of the regulations and rules for ammunition and residue.

You can use DA Form 5515 as a sub-turn-in. It has a box where you can record the document number. In addition, you can write the quantity of copies you need to turn in. You should make sure to fill in all five positions of the box. The rest of the form is divided into Sections A and B. It is best to leave Section B blank. You should also write the unit designation of the material.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 5515-1

There are a number of locations where you can find a DA Form 195515-1. This form is used to turn in ammunition and residue. This document should be found in the ammunition storage area. It should be labelled with the date it was issued and the serial number for the lot. You can then use this number to determine how many DA 5515-1 forms you need to submit. Once you have the form in your possession, you can fill it out and submit it as soon as possible.

The form should list the EICs for the major end items and repair parts. These EICs identify each of the items in the shipment. For example, the EIC for a truck’s radio is listed in box 3. The box for the DODIC is in box 8. The last column for the item nomenclature should be filled out by the person receiving the property. They should sign in the appropriate quantity column. The quantity should be an even number if it was issued on an odd day.

DA Form 5515-1 – Training Ammunition Control Document

The DA Form 551/15 – Training Ammunition Control is a document that is used to assign responsibility for controlling ammunition used for training purposes. You can obtain this form through the normal publications process. This document is required for all military branches. It will help you comply with regulations regarding the storage, use, and disposal of ammunition. This document also includes instructions and other details on how to complete this form.

The DA Form 581 and DA Form 5515-1 are two documents that should be filed in suspense files. You will need an authenticating officer who is the division or installation ammunition officer, or the State TAMS manager. You must forward these documents to the ASP. The procedures for this process stipulate the number of copies you need to submit. It is recommended that you maintain these forms for at least three years, to prevent duplicates.

DA Form 5515-1 Example

DA Form 5515-1 - Training Ammunition Control Document