DA FORM 5368 – Quick Fire Plan

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 5368 – Quick Fire Plan – The DA Form 5368, or the Quick Fire Plan, is a form used by the United States Army to plan and coordinate fire support operations. This form outlines the essential elements required for successful fire support planning in order to ensure mission success.

It also serves as a source of information for commanders and staff in developing fire support plans for successful execution. The form summarizes the key features and considerations that should be taken into account when creating an effective fire support plan.

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Form Number DA FORM 5368
Form Title Quick Fire Plan
Published 12/01/2015
Prescribing Pub ATP 3-09.42
File Size KB

What is a DA FORM 5368?

Having a Quick Fire Plan is an important part of any organization. It provides the necessary guidance to safely and efficiently respond to a fire emergency. The DA FORM 5368 is an American Army form that helps structure and document the necessary steps in a Quick Fire Plan.

This article will provide an overview of what the DA FORM 5368 entails and discuss how it can help create an effective Quick Fire Plan. The DA FORM 5368 is a seven-page document that has two sections: SECTION I and SECTION II. The two sections are separated by a blank page with the words “NOTICE TO READER” at the top of the page.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 5368?

The United States Army requires its members to be prepared for any type of situation they may encounter while on duty. One way the Army ensures that its soldiers are prepared is by requiring them to use the DA FORM 5368, also known as the Quick Fire Plan.

This document outlines a plan of action for troops to quickly and efficiently respond to enemy fire in a variety of combat scenarios.

DA FORM 5368 – Quick Fire Plan

When it comes to military preparedness, the DA Form 5368 is a critical document. This form, also known as a Quick Fire Plan, allows troops to efficiently and effectively plan for any potential emergency operations.

It is essential that personnel are aware of the contents of the DA Form 5368 so they can make well-informed decisions when responding to an emergency.

DA FORM 5368 – Example

DA FORM 5368 - Quick Fire Plan