DA FORM 4980-6 – Soldier`S Medal Certificate

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 4980-6 – Soldier`S Medal Certificate – The Soldier S Medal Certificate is an important document that proves that a soldier has been awarded the Soldier’s Medal. The certificate is usually issued to servicemen who have been wounded or killed while serving their country. Soldier’s Medal certificate

The Soldier’s Medal is a British campaign medal that was instituted by Royal Warrant on 13 June 1916. The medal was awarded to all ranks of the British Army and Royal Navy who served in any theatre of war between 4 August 1914 and 11 November 1918.

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Form Number DA FORM 4980-6
Form Title Soldier`S Medal Certificate
Published 10/01/2011
Prescribing Pub
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What is a DA FORM 4980-6?

The DA FORM 4980-6 is an important document issued by the Department of the Army. It is also known as the Soldier’s Medal Certificate, which is given to soldiers who have displayed exceptional courage and bravery in non-combat situations. This certificate serves as a recognition of the soldier’s selfless service and dedication to duty.

The Soldier’s Medal is awarded to members of the US armed forces who distinguish themselves by acts of heroism not involving conflict with an enemy. The actions must involve risk of life and be performed voluntarily, without expecting any personal gain or benefit. The DA FORM 4980-6 contains essential information regarding the soldier who received this medal, such as their name, rank, unit, date of awarding ceremony among others.

In conclusion, receiving a Soldier’s Medal Certificate through DA FORM 4980-6 is a great honor for any member serving in the US Army. It recognizes their bravery and willingness to go above and beyond for their fellow soldiers and citizens alike. Therefore, it’s crucial that every detail on this certificate is accurate when completing it to ensure that these courageous soldiers receive all due recognition from their country.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 4980-6?

DA FORM 4980-6 is a document issued by the United States Army that certifies the awarding of a Soldier’s Medal to an army member. This form serves as proof that the recipient has shown extraordinary heroism in non-combat situations, taking risks above and beyond the call of duty to save lives or prevent injury in peacetime. The medal is one of the highest awards given for acts of valor outside of combat, and its recipients are recognized for their bravery and selflessness.

To obtain this certificate, you can visit your local military personnel office or request it through your chain of command. It is essential to provide all necessary information regarding your service records or achievements so that they can verify you are entitled to receive this award. You may also be required to fill out additional forms depending on your specific circumstance.

In conclusion, DA FORM 4980-6 represents a significant achievement in the career of any US Army member who receives it. Obtaining this document requires following military procedures and providing evidence of exceptional courage displayed during non-combat operations. If you believe you qualify for this honor, speak with your commanding officer or visit a military personnel office today to start the process.

DA FORM 4980-6 – Soldier`S Medal Certificate

DA FORM 4980-6 is a certificate awarded to soldiers who have demonstrated exceptional valor and courage beyond the call of duty. The Soldier’s Medal is the highest honor bestowed upon any individual serving in the U.S Armed Forces for acts of bravery not involving direct conflict with an enemy. The certificate serves as a formal recognition and acknowledgment of the soldier’s bravery and dedication to protecting their country.

The DA FORM 4980-6 includes details such as the soldier’s name, rank, unit, date of award, and citation explaining why they received the medal. It also contains the signatures of senior officials, including commanding officers or superiors who recommended them for this prestigious recognition. The certificate serves as proof that the soldier has achieved something extraordinary in service to their country.

In conclusion, receiving a Soldier’s Medal Certificate through DA FORM 4980-6 is an incredible achievement that highlights a soldier’s selflessness and bravery during challenging situations. This honor represents not only their personal commitment but also reflects on their team members’ contributions towards achieving this accomplishment together. Presenting this certificate ensures that these brave soldiers are recognized for their service and inspires others to follow in their footsteps by showing remarkable courage when needed most.