DA Form 4219 – 4/3 Earth Profile Chart

DAFORMS.NETDA Form 4219 – 4/3 Earth Profile Chart – The DA Form 4219-4 3 Earth Profile Chart is a comprehensive guide for the U.S. Army geotechnical engineer to use when conducting earth profile analysis and evaluations. This form outlines the parameters of soil properties such as porosity, permeability, and strength, which are important factors in determining the suitability of soil for various uses. The form also provides instructions on how to properly collect samples, perform tests, and interpret results accurately.

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Form Number DA Form 4219
Form Title 4/3 Earth Profile Chart
Published 03/01/1974
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What is a DA Form 4219?

The DA Form 4219- 4/3 Earth Profile Chart is a useful tool for civil engineers, geologists, and other professionals who work with the earth’s surface. It provides information about different levels of the earth, from the very top layer to deep beneath the surface. This form allows professionals to compare strata, or layers of material found in the earth, in order to better understand the structure of the ground beneath our feet.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 4219?

DA Form 4219 – 4/3 Earth Profile Chart is a critical form for civil engineers and construction professionals. It provides a graphical representation of the subsurface soil conditions and characteristics in any given area, to ensure that the construction plans adhere to engineering standards. This form allows contractors to accurately assess the impact that their projects will have on the surrounding environment, minimizing potential negative impacts. The form also helps identify areas of weak material strength or stability and can be used to adjust project plans accordingly.

DA Form 4219 – 4/3 Earth Profile Chart

The DA Form 4219 – 4/3 Earth Profile Chart is an essential tool for anyone looking to understand the geological makeup of the earth. This chart provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the layers, properties, and structures that make up the earth. It is essential information for any geologists or researchers who are working with earth materials. With this chart, users can gain a better understanding of the composition and structure of the earth and its various layers.