DA Form 4202 – Laundry Sales Ticket

DAFORMS.NETDA Form 4202 – Laundry Sales Ticket – The Da Form 4202, or Laundry Sales Ticket, is an essential tool for anyone in the business of laundry services. Whether you are running a professional laundry service, managing a laundromat, or just providing basic wash and fold services for your family, this form helps keep track of customer orders and payments. The form contains all the necessary information for organizing customer orders, such as itemized purchases and payment details.

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Form Number Da Form 4202
Form Title Laundry Sales Ticket
Published 02/01/1974
Prescribing Pub AR 210-130
File Size – KB

What is a DA Form 4202?

The Da Form 4202, also known as the Laundry Sales Ticket, is a document issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). It is used to document laundered items that are purchased from on-base commercial laundry facilities. This article will provide an overview of the Da Form 4202 and discuss its purpose and components. The form includes important information such as the service member’s name, rank, unit number, and address for billing purposes.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 4202?

The Da Form 4202 – Laundry Sales Ticket is an important document for anyone in the military. It is used to track the laundry services provided to soldiers, both on base and off base. The form allows individuals to log their laundry services and keep track of their costs. This form serves as a record-keeping tool for tracking all laundry transactions, which can be useful when filing tax returns or submitting reimbursement claims.

DA Form 4202 – Laundry Sales Ticket

Da Form 4202, commonly known as the Laundry Sales Ticket, is an important tool used by military personnel to keep track of their laundry expenses. This form was adopted by the Department of the Army in 2019 and has become the standard way of tracking financial costs associated with laundry services. As a recordkeeping document, it helps monitor and review spending over time and ensure that individuals remain within their allocated budget.