DA FORM 3337 – Application For Army Radiation Authorization

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 3337 – Application For Army Radiation Authorization – It can be difficult to determine if you need an Army Radiation Authorization (ARA) in order to work with radiation. This document can help to clear up any uncertainty. The following document is a summary of the Army Radiation Authorization (ARA) Program. It may be helpful if you are trying to determine when you need to have an ARA, or if you have been denied one.

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Form Number DA FORM 3337
Form Title Application For Army Radiation Authorization
Published 09/01/2011
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What is a DA FORM 3337?

DA FORM 3337 is used by the U.S. Army to authorize and regulate the use of radiation sources. It is a standard application form that must be filled out whenever there is a need for radiation sources within the Army community. The main purpose of this form is to ensure that all Army personnel who work with radiation are properly trained and qualified to do so, and that they follow all safety procedures to minimize risks.

The DA FORM 3337 requires applicants to provide detailed information about their planned activities involving radioactive materials or equipment, as well as information on the personnel involved in these activities. This includes details such as the location of the activity, expected duration, types of radioactive materials to be used, and estimated exposure levels for both workers and members of the public who may come into contact with them.

Once submitted, applications are reviewed by a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) who determines whether or not authorization should be granted based on safety concerns. If approved, the applicant must then complete training on how to handle radioactive materials safely before being allowed to proceed with their planned activities under strict supervision from an experienced RSO.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 3337?

DA FORM 3337 is an essential document that authorizes the use of radioactive materials and radiation sources in the Army. The form is used to apply for authorization to use such materials, which includes a description of each source or device, its intended use, and any necessary precautions. If you are looking for DA FORM 3337, there are various ways to obtain it.

One way to access the form is through the official website of the United States Army Publishing Directorate (USAPD). You can search for DA FORM 3337 on their website and download it directly from there. Another option is to visit your local Army base or military installation where you should be able to obtain a physical copy of the form from their administrative offices.

It’s important to note that only authorized personnel can complete and submit this form. This typically includes those who have completed specialized training courses related to radiation safety and handling procedures. If you are unsure whether you qualify as an authorized user or have questions about obtaining DA FORM 3337, it’s best to consult with a supervisor or other designated authority within your unit who has experience with these matters.

DA FORM 3337 – Application For Army Radiation Authorization

DA Form 3337 is an essential document used by the US Army to apply for radiation authorization. This form is used to ensure that all personnel involved in tasks that involve exposure to ionizing radiation are adequately trained and qualified. The purpose of this form is to identify the type of radiation, location, and duration of exposure.

The DA Form 3337 provides important information about each individual’s level of risk when working with radioactive materials. It requires that individuals undergo a pre-exposure medical examination and receive specialized training specific to their work environment before being authorized to work with radioactive materials. The document also outlines safety procedures such as wearing protective clothing and equipment while handling these materials.

This form plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of soldiers who may be exposed to radiation during their duties. By completing this application, the Army can maintain accurate records on who has been authorized for radiation work and ensure that they have received proper training and protection from harmful levels of ionizing radiation.