DA FORM 3078 – Personal Clothing Request

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1. DA Form 3078 is used to request clothing from a store.

2. The form should be filled out by the individual requesting the clothing.

3. The clothing requested should be based on the individual’s size and style.

4. The form should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the desired clothing arrival date.

5. If the clothing is not available in the store, the individual may choose to have the clothing shipped to them.

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Form Number DA FORM 3078
Form Title Personal Clothing Request
Published 07/01/2014
Prescribing Pub AR 700-84
File Size 83 KB

What is a DA FORM 3078?

The DA Form 3078, or the Personal Clothing Request, is an important form for members of the United States Army. This form is necessary for any soldier to request clothing and equipment that may be required for a specific duty assignment or deployment. It serves as proof of the soldier’s need for clothing and accessories prior to receiving an issue from the Army. The information on this form must be accurate and up-to-date in order to receive the proper issue necessary for their assignment.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 3078?

As a service member in the United States Armed Forces, it is important to maintain good appearance and hygiene standards. To help facilitate this, a DA FORM 3078 – Personal Clothing Request is available to service members who need to obtain additional items of clothing for their uniform or other personal needs. This form will allow personnel to submit requests for new or replacement items of clothing or equipment that are needed for official purposes.

DA FORM 3078 – Personal Clothing Request

The process of being issued with the correct clothing and equipment is an important part of military service. DA Form 3078, commonly referred to as the Personal Clothing Request form is an essential document in this process. It records the individual requirements for a soldier’s specific uniform and personal items. This article will provide an overview of DA Form 3078, including how it is used and who can sign off on it.

DA FORM 3078 – Example

DA FORM 3078 - Personal Clothing Request