DA Form 1569 – Transcript Of Military Record

DAFORMS.NETDA Form 1569 – Transcript Of Military Record – DA Form 1569 is a military record transcript. It contains a person’s military record, including the number of days he/she served in the military and his/her rank. This form must be filled out by a service member who wants to review his/her military record. The form was designed using the PerForm Pro software.

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Form Number DA Form 1569
Form Title Transcript Of Military Record
Published 09/01/2019
Prescribing Pub AR 635-8
File Size 54 KB

What is a DA Form 1569 ?

A DA Form 1569 is a document used by military personnel to confirm their separation from active duty. It should include the applicant’s name, grade, position, date of apprehension, and medical personnel, as well as his or her address and phone number. The document must also include a detailed description of what happened.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 1569 ?

If you’re an active duty military member, you’re probably wondering, “Where can I find DA Form 1569?” This form is used by the United States Army to track the daily activities of military personnel. It records information such as the person’s routine training program, sequential research, and operational appraisal. The form is composed of boxes in which you must fill in the information. The details should be accurate and complete.

DA Form 1569 – Transcript Of Military Record

When a veteran applies for a DA Form 1569 – Transcript of military record, it’s important to know the right way to proceed. In most cases, you must submit a request by mail or fax. When requesting a copy of your military record, be sure to attach supporting documents.

If you’ve ever been in the military and lost your DD Form 214, you can request a replacement from the National Archives. But be aware that the National Archives is not always available, and that a fire in 1973 destroyed a large portion of the National Archives military records. For this reason, if you have lost your DD Form 214, it can be difficult to prove your military service.

DA Form 1569 – Example

DA Form 1569 - Transcript Of Military Record