DA Form 1559 – Inspector General Action Request

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Download DA Form 1559 – Inspector General Action Request

Form Number DA Form 1559
Form Title Inspector General Action Request
Published 04/01/2021
Prescribing Pub AR 20-1
File Size 60 KB

What is a DA Form 1559

The DA Form 1559 is a document used by inspectors general to record complaints and requests for information. Using this form is simple and quick. You can use a PDF editor, such as Adobe Reader 8, to complete the form, which can then be printed out for submission to the inspector general. There are two ways to fill out the DA Form 1559: online and by using the print option in the main page.

Online forms are typically created with a PDF editor. These tools make it simple to download and edit a DA Form 1559. The DA Form 1559 can be filled out quickly by following the instructions provided by the inspector general. It also contains background information and a list of supporting documentation. If necessary, you can attach additional sheets to provide additional details. However, the inspector general’s office will need your permission to release your private information. If you do not agree to release your documents, your case may be delayed or end up with an unresolved issue. Once you have completed the DA Form 1559, you should sign it and date it. Once you have signed it, you can send it to the Office of the Inspector General (IG) for processing.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 1559

The DA Form 1559 is used by soldiers and civilian employees of the Department of Defense (DOD) to make complaints. These complaints may involve fraud, waste, and abuse. This form assists Inspectors General in gathering enough information to make corrective actions. While all DoD employees have the right to file complaints, service members are encouraged but not required to bring their concerns to their chain of command. In some cases, the complaints can involve a wide range of subjects.

The DA Form 1559 is a printable form that can be filled out by the user. The US army uses it to record complaints and requests for information. The format of the form is easy to read and download, and you can use it on any convenient platform. To print the form, you need adobe reader 8.

DA Form 1559 – Inspector General Action Request

DA Form 1559 is an Army document used to report misconduct and improper actions by a supervisor or subordinate. The form must be completed accurately and signed by the person making the request. Failure to do so can result in punitive or administrative action. This form is used to file an Inspector General action request. You should not complete the form if you do not agree with the findings. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary delays.

The applicant has a complaint against LTC F. He has been performing substandard work for two years. The IG has found that he did not perform his duties as required by law and has failed to provide appropriate legal advice. He has filed an IG action request against him for misconduct. However, the applicant has questioned whether LTC F is a good IG. It is not clear whether this IG will approve or deny the request.

DA Form 1559 Example

DA Form 1559 - Inspector General Action Request
DA Form 1559 – Inspector General Action Request