DA FORM 1222 – Routing Slip

DAFORMS.NETDA FORM 1222 – Routing Slip – One of the most important tools available to military personnel is the DA Form 1222, also known as a routing slip. The routing slip is essential for keeping track of documents and correspondence that need to be sent through multiple levels of command.

It ensures these items are routed quickly and efficiently in order to receive the necessary action or response required. This article will provide an overview of what a DA Form 1222 is, how it should be used, and the steps for completing it accurately.

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Form Number DA FORM 1222
Form Title Routing Slip
Published 05/01/2013
Prescribing Pub AR 25-50
File Size 53 KB

What is a DA FORM 1222?

The DA FORM 1222, commonly referred to as a routing slip, is an essential document used in the United States Army.

This form allows documents and packages to be tracked and routed from one destination to another. It is a very important tool for keeping records of what is being sent and to who it is being sent. Without this form, important documents could be lost or never received.

Where Can I Find a DA FORM 1222?

The DA FORM 1222, also known as the Routing Slip, is an important tool for military personnel. The form allows them to keep track of documents, packages, and orders as they travel through multiple offices. It helps ensure that all paperwork and items are received by the proper staff in a timely manner. The Routing Slip also provides information about delivery timeframes and other key details about the item being sent.

DA FORM 1222 – Routing Slip

The DA FORM 1222, commonly referred to as the routing slip, is an important and necessary form used by the United States Army. This form is used to document the route of memorandums, letters, bulletins, orders, directives, and other documents between different offices or commands.

Without it, the proper delivery of documents would not be possible. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of DA FORM 1222 and explain how to properly fill out this important form.

DA FORM 1222 – Example

DA FORM 1222 - Routing Slip