DA Form 7790 – Care Of Supplies In Storage (Cosis)

DAFORMS.NET – DA Form 5574 – Assurance Of Compliance – If you are storing military supplies, you may need to fill out DA Form 7790. This form is also called a COSIS inspection sheet. COSIS stands for the Care of Supplies in Storage. The inspection sheet must be completed every year in order to ensure the safety and security of Army supplies.

Download DA Form 7790 – Care Of Supplies In Storage (Cosis)

Form Number DA Form 7790
Form Title Care Of Supplies In Storage (Cosis)
Published 01/01/2020
Prescribing Pub TM 38-8145-709
File Size 393 KB

What is a DA Form 7790

A DA Form 7790 is an official document that is used by military members to apply for and receive military leave. The form marks the start and end of leave, records contact information, and certifies which days will be charged to a leave account. The document is also used to update military leave and pay records. Soldiers who wish to take a leave must fill out this form and have it signed by the commander of the military unit where they are serving.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 7790

Care of Supplies In Storage (COSIS) is a management system that ensures that material is ready for issue and is not deteriorating further. It also identifies problems that could compromise asset protection or prevent it from being issued. It is a DA Form 7790.

DA Form 7790 Example

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