DA Form 5310 – Radar Friendly Fire Log

DAFORMS.NET – DA Form 5310 – Radar Friendly Fire Log – You are probably wondering, “What is a DA Form 5310? “, and perhaps, “Where can I find one?” Let’s begin with the basics and then dig deeper into how you can complete this report. Then, you can use this report to help you comply with the radar-friendly fire regulations. DA Form 5310 – Radar Friendly Fire Log is a form that you need to complete if your facility is involved in a friendly fire mission.

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Form Number DA Form 5310
Form Title Radar Friendly Fire Log
Published 10/01/2021
Prescribing Pub ATP 3-09.12, FM 3-09.12
File Size 62 KB

What is a DA Form 5310

A radar-friendly fire log is a standard documentation form used by radiotelephone and radar operators to record data about friendly fire missions. It is not always necessary to use a paper form as friendly fire missions sent via digital channels are recorded on electronic line printers. However, it is important to use this form whenever friendly fire missions are sent via voice. Listed below are the procedures for completing the log.

A Radar Friendly Fire Log is a vitally important document in the investigation of a hostile fire mission. It helps the command element understand what targets the radar section should target. The radar section is then told which targets should be turned on by the cueing agents. After the radar section receives the cueing guidance, it turns on its transmitter and processes the targets. Finally, it transmits this data to TACFIRE.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 5310

The DA Form 5310-R is a log used by the radiotelephone and radar operators to record information about friendly fire operations. It is necessary when the friendly fire missions are transmitted by voice rather than digitally. You will need to mark the appropriate box in SECTION I to include the full firing unit call sign. Then, you will need to provide the orienting data furnished by the FDC.

In order to record friendly fire data, you need to know where the round came from. This can be done by using the radar friendly fire mode. In this mode, the rounds will be tracked on their descending trajectory to determine their impact points. In order to achieve this goal, the rounds must be tracked at least 350 meters above the radar screening crest. However, because of the limited track coverage, the friendly fire operator will need to coordinate with the firing unit to gather data that is useful for their mission.

DA Form 5310 – Radar Friendly Fire Log

The DA Form 5310-R is used by radiotelephone and radar operators to document friendly fire operations. This form may be used with either a conventional or digital FDC. When friendly fire missions are transmitted via digital means, they are automatically recorded on the electronic line printer. If they are transmitted via voice, however, the RATELO must complete this form. This form must be completed as soon as it is received.

The TACFIRE FM;INTM is used to transmit orienting data and follow-up messages to the observer. This data is transmitted to radar through a VHF-FM radio. The time of flight is part of this data. It minimizes the radiation time. When it comes to identifying friendly fire targets, the time of flight is vital. If the enemy is moving quickly, a friendly fire warning will help the observer identify the incoming fires and make the radar able to take action.

DA Form 5310 Example

DA Form 5310 - Radar Friendly Fire Log