DA Form 31 – Request And Authority For Leave

DAFORMS.NET – DA Form 31 – Request And Authority For Leave – You need to fill out a DA Form 31 if you need to leave the military. However, you may be wondering what exactly this form is and where to find it. In this article, we’ll talk about what this form is and how to complete it. You can download the DA Form 31 fillable form or read about its requirements.

Download DA Form 31 – Request And Authority For Leave

Form Number DA Form 31
Form Title Request And Authority For Leave
Published 06/01/2020
Prescribing Pub AR 600-8-10
File Size 314 KB

What is a DA Form 31

When you’re about to embark on a trip, it’s important to know what a DA Form 31 is. This form is used for dependent travel authorization, either one way or round trip. You will need to enter information about the dependents, including their last name, first name, middle name, date of birth, passport numbers, relationship, and more. You’ll also need to fill out the Authentication section, which issues a travel order number for the dependent’s travel authorization.

DA Form 31 forms are available for download. You’ll want to make sure you’ve filled in all the blocks completely, as any blank spaces or missing information will cause your form to be rejected. You’ll also want to complete the signature section, which requires personal information, as well as your social security number. You’ll also need your current date of service, destination address, and length of leave, and you’ll need to sign and date the document.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 31

If you’re a military member, you’re probably wondering where to find a DA Form 31. The DA 31 is a form that gives you authority to take a leave of absence, usually for a temporary period. The form is designed to be filled out by the military member who is applying for the leave. It requires information such as full name, SSN, rank, and the date of the application.

Using a free, online form editor can be a great option if you want to save time. SignNow’s editor has multiple tools that make it easy to complete DA forms. The editor offers helpful tips for completing a DA 31 and an eSign tool that enables you to add a digital signature. You can even email a completed document to other parties and invite them to sign it.

DA Form 31 – Request And Authority For Leave

A DA Form 31 is a form used by members of the USA Army when they wish to take a leave of absence. This form is to be submitted to the unit commander, who can approve or disapprove the request. It is important to fill out this form completely and accurately, as providing false information may result in the commander disapproving the request. The first part of the form asks for the applicant’s personal information, including name, rank, current date, and Social Security number. It will also ask for the purpose of the leave and the length of leave. Lastly, a signature is required.

The DA Form 31 is due 30 days before the leave is to begin. It can be used for personal leave, emergency leave, or to obtain an official travel permit. However, if the leave will last for more than 30 days, it is best to submit it in advance. In either case, the DA Form 31 must be signed before the leave begins. Alternatively, a DA Form 31 can be completed digitally and then submitted.

DA Form 31 Example

DA Form 31 - Request And Authority For Leave