DA Form 1506-1 – Statement Of Service (Continuation Sheet)

DAFORMS.NET – DA Form 1506-1 – Statement Of Service (Continuation Sheet) –What is a DA Form 1506-1? Where can I find one? Are you confused as to how to complete one? If so, read this article for an easy explanation. Here, you will learn the basics of DA Form 1506-1, or Statement Of Service. It is an important document that is necessary for serving legal documents, such as contracts and notices. It is required by law. However, you can submit the form online.

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Form Number DA Form 1506-1
Form Title Statement Of Service (Continuation Sheet)
Published 01/01/2022
Prescribing Pub AR 637-1
File Size 34 KB

What is a DA Form 1506-1

DA Form 1506-1 is a document required for Army retirees to file for early retirement. The documents are editable and filled out online. Once you receive your orders, you input the necessary information on the form. Then, you send a copy of the supporting order or letter to the SRDC for posting on the OMPF. If you have a pending foreign award, you must send HQDA approval and copies of the supporting orders to the SRDC before you can submit the documents.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 1506-1

In most cases, a DA Form 1506-1 can be found in the Army’s official website. However, if you need a more specific version of this document, you can visit your local Department of Army or the National Archives. These websites offer both electronic and paper forms. Most forms are editable and fillable, so you can create your own by following the instructions. You can find a list of Forms Management POCs here.

DA Form 1506-1 – Statement Of Service (Continuation Sheet)

The DA Form 1506-1 – Statement of Service, or SS-1506, is a legal document submitted by a member of the United States military. These forms are editable and fillable online, and can be submitted electronically. This document is typically required for certain military and federal government functions. It will be required for certain types of military and federal government activities, such as national security and defense.

The DA Form 1506 is used for initial tours and is used for soldiers in the IMA and IRR programs. DA Form 5016 automatically updates 30 days after the member’s member anniversary year-end. IMA soldiers must file DA Form 1506 if they have a pay issue. They should also submit DA Form 5016 when they are eligible for their SMART retirement benefits.

DA Form 1506-1 Example

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